We as Platinum Cranes have been in this industry for a very long time!


Francois Vermaak 082 953 7186

TK Kungwane 072 270 0578


As you can see we are a small business. The reason to keep it that way is to be able to give our customers all they need. We can quickly focus on what is expected from us as a company.

We can comply as soon as expected from us. We can export and import and that makes sure that our

Cranes will be on spec at all times.

We have a permanent mechanic + safety officer on our team checking our cranes daily. 

That is why we are mostly focussing on the mining area.


We are fully insured on anything that may happen.

We have more than enough people and cranes on standby

We are dealing with Labournet to make sure all our contracts and needed

documentation for our cranes,equipment and staff is in place


We supply according to our customer needs 24/7